Gah, love the analysis!

Thanks!  I had fun with that one.  DA2 is so much easier to replay than Origins, and for me it ahs everything to do with how densely it packs its information.  Any single exchange in 2 will, in most cases, function on a couple of different levels. 

And then, there’s Varric.  Even if I knew all the words ever invented, I’d never be able to express my utter love for Varric’s unreliability as a narrator, and how that impacts the game.  OMG

Hi, thank you for being you! Why was Anders chosen over Velanna as the returning character in DA2? I read somewhere she was suppose to be in DA2


For two reasons:

1) Because we needed a mage whose main concern was mages. Velanna’s main concern was the Dalish. We talked about trying to make it work with both, but it just didn’t seem very feasible… not without looping in far more Dalish story than we were prepared to do.

2) None of the writers were very keen on writing her—at least, not in the context of “Velanna possessed by Justice”… which seemed, to us, to be “take Velanna in Awakening and multiply everything annoying about her by 10”. Maybe that idea seems interesting to some folks, but it didn’t to us.

So, ultimately, the consideration passed pretty quickly—there was never a “plan” for this insomuch as a brief consideration in the early development process (among numerous others). I imagine we could have made it work had we been intent enough on doing so, but—like I said—nobody wanted to.

(Cue some folks getting angry about how we should have wanted to, I suppose… but oh well. That’s how writing works. You’ll never get a writer interested in writing something solely because someone else thinks it should be there.)